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Long hair accessories from Patrick Cameron

This is your chance to get all the equipment to guarantee your success with the client.
The products in the store have been designed by me so I could have the best long hair tools available to perfect my craft.
Below are some highlighted products, please visit the store to see the full range.

Long Hair Kit

Long Hairdressing Kit

Get all the equipment that Patrick himself uses in 1 useful kit bag.

Each pack contains:

  • 2 classic hair pads
  • 1 Patrick Cameron hair brush
  • 1 pack of hair ties
  • 1 pack of end elastics
  • 6 hair nets
Hair Pads

Synthetic Hair Padding

Designed by Patrick, this padding is extremely light and versatile. Use to give height, volume and shape to hairstyles – available in light blonde, light brown, dark brown and black.

  • The best hair padding available
  • Very light, easy to shape and mould to suit the style
  • Pins and hair grips hold easily and firmly
  • 19cm x 11cm x 4cm approx
Patrick Cameron Long Hair Styling Brush

Long Hair Styling Brush

The only brush Patrick uses – this brush is essential for dressing long hair.

  • Firm nylon bristles – ideal for long hair work
  • All in one – flexible tail for sectioning hair – no need for an additional comb
  • Patrick Cameron logo on brush
Access Long Hair TV

Think Netflix for dressing long hair.
The platform where Patrick shares his vast content of over 300 step-by-step videos.