Patrick Cameron

  • Hands-On Masterclass Webinar for Bridal and Event Hair
Hands-On Masterclass Webinar for Bridal and Event Hair

Hands-On Masterclass Webinar for Bridal and Event Hair

HANDS-ON LIVE WEBINAR: Sunday 27th June 2021 (11:00 to 15:30 UK Time)


Work alongside Patrick with your own mannequin head and learn the Patrick Cameron step-by-step techniques you will be able to use for the rest of your hairdressing career. You will be able to see and interact with Patrick and more importantly, he will be able to see you and your work and offer comments and advice. 

  • Unique learning experience with the maestro of long hair.
  • One-to-one tuition with Patrick himself.
  • Easy step-by-step instructions at an easy pace.
  • Learn to create a strong foundation that will empower your longhair work.

What styles you will learn during his first hands-on masterclass webinar:

4 beautifully crafted styles

1. Elegant Bouffant: Patrick believes any hairdresser can dress long hair with the correct foundation and here he teaches you how to create those timeless classics that are elegant smooth and beautifully finished.

2. Soft hair-up for shorter hair: a fantastic technique for all mid-neck length and longer hair lengths.

3. Asymmetric Cascade Romantic: This is NOT a braid, this is an incredible foundation that creates a soft flowing cascade of hair that gives you the freedom to style long on-trend mermaid looks.

4. Braiding design with a Romantic twist: for any hairdresser who struggles to braid this is a stunning simple braid that makes you look like a braiding professional.

Interact with Patrick
“I have created this 4-hour step-by-step long hair workshop aimed at all hairdressing skill levels. You will learn to develop and refine your knowledge and techniques to increase your value and income in the salon. Let my 30 years’ experience change the way you dress long hair”. PATRICK CAMERON 




11.00am - 13.00pm - Part 1: Learn 2 styles

13.00pm - 13.30pm - Break

13.30pm - 15.30pm - Part 2: Learn 2 styles



Cost: £245.00 (GBP)

What you will need: Please watch the checklist video for information on the tools you will require.

Diploma: You will receive a Patrick Cameron Masterclass Diploma.

Register now for this unique opportunity to join my private Live Hands-On Webinar.

Important Information:

  • Once you have booked and paid for your entry ticket you will receive an email with instructions on how to join us live, and basic instructions on what the procedure is.
  • NO refund will be offered if you miss the live hand-on session so make sure to set a reminder on your phone!
  • The class will be conducted in English so grab a friend to translate or set up Google Voice.
  • Price is per person. If you wish to book more than 1 place then please put them in the shopping cart individually.

LIVE HANDS-ON WEBINAR: Sunday 27th June 2021 (11:00 to 15:30 UK Time)