Patrick Cameron

The Signature Collection - Online Video Education

The Signature Collection - Video On Demand

Find out how to create Patrick Cameron’s ‘Signature’ looks from the maestro himself.
If you stream the entire Signature collection, you will also get access to Patrick's Career Advice series, a study of time, fashion, friendship and the future. Patrick Cameron’s words of wisdom will have an impact on a new generation of hairdressers. The maestro of long hair and Wella Professional’s global ambassador gives an honest and detailed insight into his working life and offers valuable career advice.

Patrick says “"Learning a technique is forever and there will always be a point in one’s career when we can draw from that technique”. “The more you learn and the more you challenge yourself, the more your wealth of knowledge and expertise will be”. “This is the key to a long and successful career."

Enjoy learning with Patrick.

Patrick Cameron - Career Advice:

The following Patrick Cameron Career Advice videos also come included in the Signature Collection package: