Patrick Cameron

Session - The Editorial Collection

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Patrick Cameron's new offering for 2014 is inspired by editorial and media looks. "I felt it was very important to show the techniques behind the creation of many editorial hairstyles." says Patrick, "These looks inspire hairdressers all over the world, and I felt that creating a collection based on this concept would be both exciting and beneficial to a wide audience."

Each hairstyle is designed with its own special technique to achieve interesting textures that evolve into fantastic silhouettes. The shapes are extreme but maintain a flattering and feminine element. This is not commercial hair, but the craft of the execution can be applied to consumer hairstyling with amazing results.

There is an architectural approach in building the volumes, "It's a lesson in construction", says Patrick, "you have to understand how to build a structure to understand balance and create an elegant shape. I feel very passionate about bringing manual dexterity back into hairdressing", continues Patrick, "these techniques are easy and fun but also require artistry and finesse".

Session - The Editorial Collection

The show captures the latest looks and brings on stage the perfect combination of easy. 

Hair: Patrick Cameron, assisted by Marco Erbi and Jo Wilcox
Make up: Alison Chesterton
Photography: Alistair Hughes

Couture: Marco Erbi
Products: Wella SP and Wella Professionals Care & Style
Electrical products: BaByliss Pro