Patrick Cameron

Red Carpet - Celebrity Hair Upstyles

Red Carpet Red Carpet Red Carpet Red Carpet Red Carpet

Patrick Cameron’s 2008 collection takes inspiration from the high glamour of the Red Carpet. This most glittering moment is lit by a thousand flashbulbs and broadcast around the world. Every celebrity strives to claim the headlines and capture with their own aesthetic sense the imagination of the fans. The atmosphere is a heady cocktail of excitement, haute couture and flawless grooming.

The hair for the Red Carpet Collection skilfully combines beautiful, sculpted shapes and intricate finishes. Patrick explores the balance between classic styles with alternative textures, and the contrast of hair with a sense of energy and perfect placement. The hair is twisted, woven, pulled and moulded into elegant volumes designed to be stunningly flattering and utterly feminine. Hot-roller setting gives the hair the perfect finish and movement to achieve these designs without looking over-styled. The overall feeling is timeless chic with a nod to contemporary fashion.

Red Carpet

The couture gowns share the same inspiration as the hair, playing with the fabric to create a sense of freedom over structured and boned silhouettes, forming seductive shapes in different shades of red.

Patrick Cameron brings the “WOW!” factor back to the stage with his unique blend of education and showmanship, sharing his techniques, together with his trademark step-by-step approach and inimitable personality.