Patrick Cameron

Provocateur - Avant Garde 1940s

Provocateur Provocateur Provocateur Provocateur Provocateur Provocateur

The motivation behind the seductive and inspirational Provocateur collection is the “Noir Cinema” of the 1940’s and the beautiful designs of Hollywood couturier Adrian. Forties fashion was strong, sexy and infused with elements from modernist art and design and especially the Surrealist movement. The women were glamorous and alluring with an air of mystery. These impeccably groomed "Femmes fatales" created the blueprint for today’s high gloss fashion.

Provocateur is not a nostalgic collection; it is a fusion of the amazing craftsmanship of the forties with Patrick’s inspirational contemporary techniques. Utilising his amazing manual dexterity Patrick has designed a beautiful collection of elegant chignons, creating new textures to compliment the exquisite couture gowns by Marco Erbi, resulting in a stunning head to toe look for the contemporary goddess.


As always, utilising his superb educational skills, Patrick makes the most difficult hair design look easy, simplifying each step along the way. Particular attention is paid to the detail on the finish of the designs including the use of "acrobatic" feather like strands define and contour the elegant shapes.

Provocateur is set to become yet another Patrick Cameron classic, once again breaking down the barriers of long hair styling and providing audiences with an inspirational and forward thinking presentation, combining old school glamour with the allure and sexiness of contemporary couture.

Couture : Marco Erbi
Make-up : Alison Chesterton
Photography : Alastair Hughes
Styling Products : Wella