Patrick Cameron

Ladies Who Lunch - Big Waves and Curls

Ladies Who Lunch PLadies Who Lunchre Ladies Who Lunch Ladies Who Lunch Ladies Who Lunch 

Ladies Who Lunch is essentially about luxury hair – big and chic, and playfully exploring the stylish possibilities of the classic hot-roller set in a completely modern way. This collection is the reinvention of power dressing – uncompromising and expensive, with a contemporary twist. The strong lines and gorgeous shapes are achieved with the perfect balance of sleek, controlled hair and the ebullience of big curls and waves.

These ladylike looks, while completely grown-up, are totally infused with a sense of fun and sexiness. The techniques to achieve these styles borrow inspiration from tailoring ingenuity to traditional hairdressing craftsmanship, skilfully made easy with Patrick’s trademark step-by-step approach.

Ladies Who Lunch

Pleated and twisted, curled and backbrushed, the hair is worked and placed to create new stately volumes and vaporous textures. The timeless aristocratic elegance of couture completes these very feminine, flattering and sophisticated styles.

Ladies Who Lunch is yet another exquisite show from Patrick Cameron. With his incomparable and inimitable personality, Patrick delivers that magic blend of education, inspiration and dazzling glamour, for which he is world-renowned.

Couture : Marco Erbi
Make-up : Alison Chesterton
Photography : Alastair Hughes, Thornton Howdle
Styling Products : Wella
Styling Equipment : Babyliss Pro