Patrick Cameron

Cream - Romantic Bridal Hair

Cream Cream Cream Cream Cream Cream

Soft and feminine, with delicately placed woven strands that gently wrap around the head, textured curls and waves are the essence of this beautiful new collection – Cream – from the world’s leading expert in dressing long hair, Patrick Cameron.

The styles are created using a variety of hair lengths and movement and are complemented by the exclusive couture created by Marco Erbi. Keeping the palette strictly monochrome, this understated collection is sexy and alluring – light cream, panelled confections that seductively skim the knee and define the waist.


Cream is Patrick’s fresh interpretation of the theme of texture, combining the elegance of high fashion and the growing demand for easy-to-accomplish chic and less overstyled hair. Movement is the strong fashion statement for the new season. The ingenious combination of freedom and control makes this collection very commercial and more approachable through a variety of highly effective styling techniques.

Playing with weaving and flirting with the intricacies of macramé, the hairstyles are softened by seductive, flowing tendrils and the volumes textured with waves. Patrick’s philosophy of ‘less is more’ – simplifying the steps and working logically – helps his audience understand the execution of the styles.

Ultimately, the aim is to create something that looks difficult to achieve, from multi-strand braiding to sexy urban chignons, but with very simple preparation. The balance of the shapes is both flattering and believable, suitable for a romantic, casual feel or, equally, perfect for dressed-up and bridal looks.

Couture : Marco Erbi
Make-up : Alison Chesterton
Photography : Alastair Hughes
Styling Products : Wella
Styling Equipment : Babyliss Pro