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Draw from my years of experience, monetise and grow your long hair work. Become a member!
Think Netflix for dressing long hair. On this platform, I will share my vast content of over 300 step-by-step videos, free webinars for members and much more.

Access Long Hair Live

Join me weekly on social media in Access Long Hair Live!
A fun-filled 30 minutes where I will creates step-by-step styles, share fashion trends and answers questions from my many thousands of viewers.

Access Long Hair Live
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See Patrick In Person

Every one of my events are designed to educate, inspire and motivate my audience with a fabulous blend of laughter and beautiful hair.
My passion is to share great education I try to always try to over-deliver and leaves my audience saying, “Wow, I could do that!”.

Exclusive Webinars

An online invitation for you to interact with me and fellow hairdressers worldwide, I truly love educating using webinars.
Ask me questions in ‘real-time’ show me your work, and together, we can take the fear out of dressing with long hair. Your success – is my success.

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Best Long Hair Tools

Having the right tools for your profession are essential for the best results. High-quality equipment sends a strong message that you are dedicated to your craft and willing to invest in yourself.
My Patrick Cameron’s classic long hair accessories are a must-have for any hairdresser and salon.

Patrick Cameron MBE

When hairdressers worldwide look for inspiration especially in this digital world we now live in, 1000’s of hairdressers look to me for inspiration and motivation – Patrick Cameron.
My philosophy is to connect the industry, using the power of creativity across my social media platforms, help focus and give confidence in a positive way, during one of the most challenging times our industry has ever seen.

Bookings & Contact

Would you like to see Patrick at your next show? Do you have any questions you would like to see answered by Patrick on Access Long Hair Live? Do you have any questions about our hair products? Just wanna say hi?
Then use our easy contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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